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Shaun Rico Going to Bat Arizona
Shaun Rico joins the board of Going to Bat Foundatoion, Inc.

Merger Announcement

A message from Keith Lovegrove, Going to Bat Foundation, Inc. President.

I am pleased to announce that Going to Bat Foundation, Inc. of Mission Viejo, CA and Sharing the Sandlot of Gilbert, AZ have decided to merge under the Going to Bat Foundation, Inc. name. We have combined our experience and resources to better service the youth development needs of the Phoenix area. Our goal with this merger is to improve the lives of our youth by providing any child who wishes to play baseball or softball with the means and the opportunity, providing a viable alternative to other destructive options.

We chose to retain the name Going to Bat Foundation, Inc. because of it's stronger regional and national name recognition and unique history. Phoenix based Sharing the Sandlot's Shaun Rico will join the Board of Directors of Going to Bat Foundation, inc.

This merger puts Going to Bat Foundation, Inc. in a better position to meet the overwhelming need for assistance and to slow the steady decline of athletic opportunities in Phoenix and the surrounding communities.

We have big plans for our future. In particular, in conjunction with other groups in the region, we are working toward increasing the number of after school programs. We know that families need convenient locations that are close to home and this will allow us to reach more children who desperately need our help. Through these after school academic tutoring and the baseball instruction programs, we strive to instill the value of an education and the benefits of teamwork.

Over the next few months we will be rolling out a new communications campaign to re-introduce ourselves to the community. We want parents to know they are not alone when facing the possibility of having to leave their children unsupervised and exposed to a variety of negative influences.

With your help, Going to Bat Foundation will make positive changes in this community. Contact us to learn how you can help a child life overcome the circumstantial obstacles that prevent them from reaching their true potential.

About The Going to Bat Foundation

Going to Bat Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization focused on improving the lives of our youth by providing the opportunity to participate in baseball or softball as a viable alternative to other destructive options. Conceived in 2009 by three talented high school baseball players, teammates and friends, Going to Bat collects “experienced” and new equipment, and to date has provided hundreds of players from Africa to Alaska the means to compete and enjoy their sport. To learn more about the Going to Bat Foundation, please visit www.GoingtoBat.org

About Sharing the Sandlot

Sharing the Sandlot, a Gilbert, AZ based non-profit is dedicated to the idea that every student-athlete deserves the opportunity to compete, share, and excel at any level. Through community engagement, contributions, funding and great passion we aim to minimize the gap that socioeconomic status creates, which often dictates the competitive opportunities of a given school.


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