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Sean Payton OTB and Going to Bat
Opportunties Through Baseball and Going to Bat's Sean Payton

Opportunity Through Baseball

Strategic partnership

The Going to Bat Foundation has formed a strategic partnership with Phoenix based Opportunity Through Baseball to help expand the highly successful education and youth development program initiated by OTB at two Phoenix inner city schools.

Opportunity Through Baseball's Phoenix based Sean Payton joins the Board of Directors of the Going to Bat Foundation, Inc.

There is distinct synergy between Going to Bat's mission and the work being done by OTB. The joint project affords the youth of East Phoenix access to quality coaching and mentoring while steering them away from the negative influences that are rife in these poverty-stricken neighborhoods. The requirement that all participants attend after-school tutoring, provided free by the program, and maintain their grades, helps reinforce the value of education.

The goal of this joint initiative is to bolster the public schools in the Phoenix community, expand existing relationships and enhance the student learning experience. Hands-on tutoring by educators and business professionals as well as exposure to real-world technology, will better prepare students to graduate with marketable skills and confidence.

The rebuilding of the athletic programs and access to quality coaching and mentoring, normally considered out of the reach of the budget constrained school system, will serve to greatly improve the learning experience.

Please contact us to learn how you and your corporation can contribute and rebuild your community.

About Opportunity Through Baseball

There is a steady decline in the athletic opportunities for kids in east phoenix communities. Families in the community are often unable to send their children to camps or sign up for club teams.

Opportunity Through Baseball "OTB" gives youngsters the chance to learn and enjoy baseball. OTB helps build self-esteem and develop the character, teamwork and commitment it takes to play baseball. OTB instructors teach what is special about our national pastime.


OTB began working with schools and little leagues in 2009. It conducts after school weekly instruction and weekend games as after school programs. Thanks to partners in the community there are no fees to the families and students.

General Information

Clinics are held after school on monday and thursday, as well as saturday morning.
. Tutoring program: 3:15-4:00 pm
. Baseball instruction: 4:00-5:30
. Games 9:00 am -12:00 pm saturday mornings 

Through the academic tutoring and the baseball instruction the participants recieve, we hope our players will understand the value of an education and what the game of baseball means. All players will will learn about the importance of character,giving and earning respect, working hard and what it is to be part of a team.



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