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California donates Baseball Equipment to Africa

The Going to Bat Foundation is committed to re-building communities through sport, and growing the game of baseball in under-privileged, strife torn and disaster ravaged parts of the USA and the world. We collected equipment from all over California and shipped it to the Philippi Angels Township Baseball Academy in South Africa. I believe that the pictures speak for themselves. Help us to continue these worthwhile programs. Click here to donate online.

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Phillippi Angels with donated gear

Donated Baseball equipment

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Playing Baseball Between a Rock and a Hard Place
The Story of the Philippi Angels Township Baseball Academy

Among the old mattresses, broken bottles, and half-buried stones in a drainage basin near the train station, boys from the Xhosa tribe play baseball.  These are the Philippi Angels and they will play every week until the rainy season.  Because the drainage is mostly rock, it fills with water in the lightest rain and takes weeks of sun to dry out.
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"You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out
are the moments when you have done things for others."
- Henry Drummond

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