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Snoball is a social service designed to give you more control of how, when, and to whom you donate. The premise is to take your interests and combine them with your charitable passions.

Snoball is an online fundraising platform that is starting to create a "Snoball Effect" through microgiving. Donors can pledge as little as $1 to nonprofits though they are not billed until their total pledges reach $20. That functionality alone could result in Snoball succeeding where other microgiving sites have failed. Until Snoball, it didn't make financial sense to process microdonations because most of the donation would be eaten up in credit card and processing fees.

You go to Snoball, select a charity (Going To Bat Foundation, Inc is in the database Hint! Hint!) and then select an activity:

Social Network:
Add a Friend on Facebook; Check-in at Starbucks; Gain a Follower on Twitter.

Your Favorite QB Throws for 300 Yards; Your Phillies Win a Game; Albert Pujols Hits a HR; Your Division Rivals Lose.

One Time Donation

Recurring Donation:
Keep it simple and set up a recurring donation, however small.

Get Creative:
Set up your own Snoball

Like any great idea, it is desperatley simple and easy to use.



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