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Baseball in Burkina Faso

The Lineup

President: TIAO Serge Hubert

Vice-president: YANOGO Racide

2nd Vice-Chairman: SIBORE Ibrahima

Secretary-General: ILBOUDO Issa

Deputy Secretary-General: KABORE Adama

Treasurer General: ZIDA Eugénie

Assistant Treasurer: TAPSOBA Armand

Secretary in charge of the Organization: SAWADOGO Boukaré

Assistant Secretary in charge of organization: OUEDRAOGO Sidiki

Secretary for Communications and External Relations: SEBOGO Mahamadi

Assistant Secretary for Communication and External Relations: DAO / KOMBOÏGO


Go to Bat for Baseball in Burkina Faso

The Plan

Feed the Passion


The ambition  is "to add land to land" as the African maxim says. To provide the facilities, equipment and coaching so desperately needed by Burkina Faso's growing baseball community

Grow the Game


Grow the passion - promote and develop Baseball and Softball in all regions of Burkina Faso with emphasis on elementary (primary) schools in Burkina Faso.

Create Opportuniy


Provide the opportunity for the Burkina Faso children to explore their athletic potential and take their rightful place in the growing phenomenon that is International Baseball.  



The history of Baseball and Softball in Burkina Faso dates back to 1993 with the creation of the first Softball club named Burkina Batt in Ouagadougou. This club was created with the assistance of the Embassy of the United States of America.

In 1999, Ibrahim N’Diaye and a group of friends formed the second club, the Burkina

Little League Baseball and Softball, in Zogona (district of Ouagadougou). There were

4 teams with 15 players each, aged between 9 and 12 years old. 

In 2003, Paspanga Baseball club and Goupana Baseball club were created.

In 2004 the clubs of Koudougou and Réo (towns located in the center-west of the

country) were created.

On December 20, 2004 the Burkinabe Baseball and Softball Federation was created

and recognized by the Ministry of Sports.

Baseball has continues to grow and prosper in Burkina Faso


The clubs

Today the FBBS has 12 clubs distributed as follows in 7 regions

• Central region: 2 clubs in Zogona, 1 club in Paspanga, 1 club in Dapoya.

• Central West Region: 1 club in Koudougou, 1 club in Réo

• Boucle du Mouhoun area: 1 club in Dédougou

• Eastern Region: 1 club in Fada N’Gourma

• Haut-Bassins Region: 2 clubs in Bobo-Dioulasso

• Central Plateau Region: 1 club in Ziniaré

• Central-South Region: 1 club in Manga

All of these clubs practice both Baseball and Softball.

The High Schools

Baseball is registered in 7 High Schools in Ouagadougou. It is:

- Collège de la Salle

- Gounghin High School

- Philippe Zinda Kaboré High School

- Nelson Mandela High School

- Communal High School of Paspanga

- Petit Monde

- Marien N’Gouabi High School

The Elementary Schools

Six (6) elementary schools in the capital have also integrated Baseball into their

curriculum. It is:

- The School of the Red Cross

- The public primary school of Nimnin

- The School of Zone du Bois

- The Military Camp School

- The Sacred Heart School of Dapoya