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Made in Africa

No Sporting Goods Stores Selling Baseball & Softball Equipment in Africa

Forget the convenience of popping out to the local sporting goods store when you need a new baseball of softball bat. 

Africa has relied on the cast-offs from the USA and Europe as they build their baseball programs. In a classic catch-22 situation, these well-intentioned donations are preventing the establishment of an industry to support the sports on the continent.

 As part of the "Made in Africa" initiative, the Going to Bat Foundation, in conjunction with other philanthropic organizations is working to enable small businesses to produce bats, gloves, uniforms and safety equipment in Africa. Aside from job creation, this ensures that your donation is not spent on import duties and very costly shipping.


Enable Bat Makers

This awe-inspiring piece of machinery is called a copy lathe -it  mimics a template or a shape - in this case a baseball bat - to produce the same item continuously. 

Why do we need one? Imported bats cost more than the average annual salary in some West African countries. We need one of these in Africa.

For less that our goal of $9,000.00 (cost of getting one of these gizmos to Africa), we can create jobs and produce bats for the cost of the wood - while avoiding shipping an import costs. 

Any little bit helps!


Help us fund bat making in Africa



Recommended equipment, training, and apparel needs (per 10 players)

500     Baseballs

300     Tennis balls

100     Wiffle balls

10       Weighted balls

10       Composite bats

5         Batting Tees

2        Stopwatches


30 .     Cones

10 .     Tubing/Sport cords

10 .     Medicine balls

10 .     Hurdles

3 .       Swiss balls

2 .       Ladders


2 per cage + 1 per field .     L-Screens

1 per cage + 3 per field .     Square screens

2                                               Sock nets

10                                             Helmets

2                                              Catcher’s gear 


20 .     T-shirts or Undershirts

20 .     Baseball pants

10 .     Shorts

10 .     Indoor shoes

10 .     Spikes

10 .     Baseball caps

10 .     Gloves 

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